Branded: e-Learning for Health and Social Care

What is e-Learning for Health and Social care?

As a sector, Health and Social Care relies on skilled individuals that support the needs of their local communities, families and vulnerable individuals. Working within Health and Social Care can provide you with a very rewarding career and excellent Continued Personal Development (CPD) opportunities that will support you and your organisation to deliver higher standards of care. When joining a Health and Social Care organisation, at any point in your career, they will provide relevant training to support you as a Health and Social Care worker and this will include e-Learning courses that are both mandatory for your role and Continued Personal Development (CPD), as we mentioned previously.  

How is e-Learning Delivered to a Care Worker?

Most Health and Social Care organisations will have their own Learning and Development strategy which will combine both onboarding for new recruits and annual refresher training for existing staff. Although some smaller organisations may approach their Learning and Development differently due to less staff to develop, larger organisations will usually have a structured training plan which will include every member of staff, regardless of their role. These larger organisations may use specific software designed to help them manage all aspects of their Learning and Development, called a Learning Management System, also known as an LMS. To learn more about LMS within Social Care read more here.

As a business, My Learning Cloud provide Learning Management Systems for Health and Social Care that support your Health and Social Care organisation. No matter the size, we have over 100 CPD certified courses which will supply your care staff with learning tools to further increase their knowledge and maintain their compliance. Our e-Learning courses are developed in-house by our experienced Courseware Team to ensure they are not only kept up-to-date with regulations but also created at the highest quality to engage and empower your learners.

Our sector specific courses cover mandatory training and relevant CPD training to help your organisation increase and maintain compliance and support with staff retention. Grouping together a great Learning Management System and e-Learning courses specific to your organisation, will provide an effective way to deliver learning and save hours of admin time, so that you can focus on providing excellent care.

What am I looking for in an e-Learning course for Health and Social Care?

As we mentioned, within Health and Social Care, there are courses known as ‘Mandatory Training’ courses, which means workers within Health and Social Care are required to undertake adequate induction training and annual refresher training to ensure they remain up-to-date with regulatory requirements. These training courses within Health and Social Care commonly include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Infection
  • Prevention and Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Awareness

My Learning Cloud provide these e-Learning courses as standard on all our Learning Management Systems so your organisation stays aligned with basic regulatory requirements for the Health and Social Care sector. To get real value out of your e-Learning courses, we recommend booking a free consultation.

What to expect from your free online consultation with My Learning Cloud?

One of our friendly team will introduce themselves, and ask you some fact-finding questions about what you are looking for to support your Learning and Development within your Health and Social Care organisation. We will then take you through an online demo of our Learning Management System. This should provide you with knowledge of how My Learning Cloud can support you, if you have any questions at this point we are more than happy to answer them.


Best SEO Strategy to Improve Social Status of Your Business

Since the inception of the business, marketing has played a key role in enhancing the reach and the customer base of the business. No matter what business you run, marketing will always predicate sales. In the recent times, the trend and patterns of marketing have changed significantly. Today, businesses are no more interested in putting banners and posters.

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Tips on improving the social strategy for SEO

Social signals are similar to the backlinks on your page. They act as a vote of validation and credibility for the content that is present on your page. This in turn boosts the rank of your page on the search engine result page. These are the indicators that the community values your content. They can be anything, just like the likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc.

Some of the easy ways to increase your social footprint are:

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Needless to say, it is most important that the content on your webpage is relevant and people find it helpful. These tips will ensure that the reach of your content is increased.


Here are some tips and tricks for online marketing that you should know!

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